An Introduction, of Sorts

So. I made a blog.

More specifically, I made a blog at one in the morning surrounded by tissues, an allergy attack in full force, unable to take meds because they make me sleepy and I have to stay up all night so I can sleep tomorrow so I can work tomorrow night. (Yes, it’s as confusing and awful as it sounds.)

Nice introduction – Hi, I’m April, and I’m writing at you as a walking secretion instead of a human who’s already complaining about her (does a walking secretion have gender?) ridiculous schedule/life. You guys may as well know now, I haven’t much of a filter. If you need to cut and run, do so now.

Now that I’ve probably alienated about half of my readers (all three of you) with tales of my sinus woes, I guess I’ll try to explain why I’m starting this. Which will be fun, as I don’t really know entirely.

I’m a NICU nurse, and I LOVE it, but I’ve always wanted to be a writer too. A while back, I had a really *duh* moment where I read a thing that basically said, you want to be a writer? Write. I dabble in fiction, but a couple weeks back I submitted a story about part of my journey to loving myself (and it was kind of a long one) to a friend’s newsletter. It got my wheels turning and my fingers itching, and after some encouragement from my best friend, I decided to do this. I’m in a grappling phase right now – there are so many things to grapple with – so I figured, why not grapple here where others can do it with me? (Hopefully in a kind, open, loving dialogue. No hate allowed on my blog.)

So I’m a writer. I’m also a wife and a mom to dogs and a cat. (Hopefully I won’t ever be a mom to a real human person, but that’s another post for another day.) I’m cook and a reader and a budding pianist. And I’m honestly kind of a mess right now. Thank God people can still love messes. Thank God God can still love messes. I’m very much a work-in-progress who stagnated on the progress part when I was thrown into the topsy-turvy world of night shift once again this summer. (But there is an end in sight, glory hallelujah, sweet December 14th cannot come soon enough when I leave work at 7 AM for the last time hopefully ever and enter back into the regularity of days again.) Hopefully the progress will resume when my normal sleep schedule resumes, but we’ll see.

For now, though, that’s who I am. A very sleepy, very allergic mess. (I am probably allergic because I have not vacuumed my house in like a month and I have two dogs who shed like crazy. Ain’t vulnerability grand?) If you can bear with that, and bear with me and my over-sharing and my rambling as it’s now 3 in the morning, hopefully we can be friends 🙂

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